Top Reasons Why People Stop Working Out

Exercise is a very important part of keeping us healthy, physically and mentally. Studies have shown that people who exercise are more confident, energized, and happier than people who do not. In addition, people who exercise consistently tend to live longer lives with less diseases and complications than those who do not. The number one killer of Americans is Heart Disease, a disease that is very preventable with proper exercise and nutrition habits. So why do people choose not to exercise. I have compiled a list of the most notorious reasons below.

  1. They Don’t Have Time.

The problem with this excuse is that people make time for what they want to make time for. I am sure that instead of watching your favorite television show at night, you could record it and get a quick workout instead. It does not even have to be one long workout. You can break the workout up into 10-15 minute segments throughout the day, even between commercials, put down the soda and do some push-ups!

  1. They Don’t See Results.

No matter how many people may tell you that for five payments of $19.99 you can be in shape, we must understand that exercising is a lifestyle. Even when you get the body of your dreams, you still must exercise to maintain it. It takes time to see major progress, especially when we see ourselves in the mirror every day, it is hard to notice gains. One piece of advice I give people is to take pictures of yourself. That way one can monitor how they progress over months and years instead of just day to day progression.

  1. They are too tired

We have hectic schedules that make exercising the last thing on our minds sometimes. However, this is a lifestyle and we cannot neglect working out if we want to keep this lifestyle going. The lifestyle does not end once we leave the gym, it just shifts focus. Adequate nutrition and rest are essential and without the two, you may not see much results and may be wasting your time. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night so you can be well rested. Some people workout in the morning because it gives them an energy boost to help them through the day. Others may workout at night because it helps them get a good night’s rest. I personally find that the further back we push exercise, the less likely we are to do it as we become more tired throughout the day and it becomes easy to just say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Exercise does not have to be done in a gym so if you are tired, you can sneak in a short workout at home. Try the five minute rule where you tell yourself that you will do an exercise for five minutes and at the end you choose whether to continue or stop. Most people continue because their heart rate is already up and now they are energized. It’s pretty much tricking your mind into not being lazy.

  1. They Lose Motivation.

The main reason that people lose motivation is because they do not understand that motivation is food for the brain, we must eat every day! You would not go multiple days without eating, so why would you go multiple days without refueling your mind with positive thoughts. Whether it is a specific person, video, song, quote, goal, or something else, remind yourself daily. Watch your favorite motivational speaker’s video, or play that song in the gym while you work out that just gets you pumped up. Put a picture of a quote or a goal you have as the lock screen of your phone so you see it all the time. But you must replenish your motivational ducts consistently!

  1. It Is Painful.

I understand. It hurts your body, joints, bones, tendons, just everywhere but the good part is that it will not always hurt that bad and even though there is pain, it is a good pain. When we work out, we break down our muscle fibers, this is when we experience pain. But, when these fibers grow back, they grow back stronger and larger than before! So next time we do that same work out we did before, our body will not have to strain as hard and eventually that particular exercise will not hurt anymore. This is when we have to increase our regimen. Ease into your workouts. Start with a long warm up and light weight if you are a beginner and take extra rest days if your body is still in pain. Remember that if you exercise a muscle while it is recovering, you are hindering the recovery process. Protein shakes and other protein sources help with recovery, aka the process of the pain going away as the muscle is being built back.


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