4 Reasons Why People Don’t Believe In You

We want people to believe in us and support our dreams and aspirations. For many, it can be detrimental to have people not believe in you, let alone people who are close to you. So why would someone not believe in you? What makes people lack faith? I answer that with a few reasons below.

  1. They Don’t Believe In Themselves.

When people see others fail, they believe it’s over. Some people don’t believe in other people coming back because they don’t believe that if they, themselves, were in that situation, they would be able to come back. Also, a lot of people will put their own insecurities on you to make themselves feel better. It feels better to some people if they tell you that you will not achieve your goal and you end up failing. Now they feel better about themselves not being able to achieve their own goal, since you could not achieve yours. We hate to hold ourselves accountable in the sense that if everyone in the class gets a D on the test, and one person gets a C, there is a curve. But if everyone gets a D and one person gets an A, there is no curve and now we have to look ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility.

  1. We Live In An Instant Generation.

We live in a society where we want everything faster and faster, to the point where what once seemed like lightning speed to us, is now antique. We want to be able to communicate faster, our smartphones to load quicker, computers to process faster, fast food to be speedier etc. With that culture also comes people’s expectation of overnight success. But with what you gain quickly, you can lose quickly. We see people receive “fame” so quickly from social media that we think it’s so easy. If people see you not moving on the path to success as fast as they might be or as fast as they think you should be, they won’t believe in you. But, they will probably be the first ones you can send a text message saying, “Who’s this?”, once you achieve your goal.

  1. Your Work Ethic Is Not Congruent With Your Imagination.

People with this issue love to talk about their dreams and rarely work at them. Their imagination is so vast and their effort is very minimal which makes people believe that you are all talk. You don’t have any results to back up this imagination or you don’t have any evidence to make people believe that your potential will ever be anything more than just that. Potential is just another word for ain’t done nothing yet.

  1. You Don’t Believe In Yourself.

People sense weakness when they are around you. They sense fear, trepidation, uneasiness, and self-doubt. You not believing in yourself is the most surefire way to have people not believe in you. You have to really believe in yourself and that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. There may be something that you want to do, but you choose not to do it out of fear of failure. Remember,

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky

Use the people who do not believe in you, as motivation to push you further. There will always be naysayers along the way, but try not to prove them right. Most importantly believe in yourself. Exude confidence in everything that you do. Seek positivity and you shall find it. You don’t need anybody to believe in your dream, that’s why it’s your dream.


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