How People Treat You Differently When You Get In Shape

The cosmetic industry and fitness industry are two of the biggest industries in the world. Why you may ask? People like to look good! When you look good, you feel good. So what happens when you reach your goal? How do others treat you compared to before?

“People look at you strange, saying you changed-like you worked that hard to stay the same… People change around you, because they start treating you different because of your success.” -Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z

  1. People Compliment You More

This is probably the most obvious way that people treat you differently. In my experience, people who may not have even known me or liked me would give me compliments and started to try to get cool with me. Family and friends tend to compliment you more, as they should being support systems. It is always interesting though the friends who try to downplay you, based on envy or jealousy. You will have those friends who say things like “yeah you lost weight but you still don’t have a six pack” or “you got bigger but you still have chicken legs”. It’s these backhanded compliments that let you know how people really feel about you. If someone cannot compliment you without a “but” in the sentence, they are not really secure with themselves. Don’t dim your shine to make others feel secure about themselves.

  1. People Become More Attracted to You 

People naturally want to be around people who are doing good things. People will gravitate toward you, male and female. And I don’t say this to mean that guys and girls will both try to get your number at the gym (although this has happened) but they will pay more attention to you and your physique. I have had older men and women both touch my muscles like a piece of meat, out of admiration yes, but still it can be uncomfortable when a 60 year old is rubbing your arm like the good luck charm from Showtime at the Apollo.

  1. People Respect You More

Now I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, but even before I was, people still hung on my words trying to find out how to get their biceps bigger. The title helps but people more so buy into the results. You kind of have to look the part to get people to take you seriously. People also will not only respect you in terms of fitness when you get into shape, but they will just generally respect your opinion as they see you more as a high status individual. They take your advice in other aspects of life more seriously when they see that you take your health seriously. I have had lesbian females who are not even attracted to males tell me that they had an affinity toward me maybe because of my physique, they respected me more. Sometimes you may even get better customer service at stores and restaurants. There is a certain type of respect level that comes because one has to understand the amount of discipline that it takes to be in shape. Even if people do not like you, they cannot deny the discipline level and hard work they know you are dedicated to.

  1. People Become More Intrigued About Your Lifestyle

People will become more interested in what you do to maintain and build your physique. There are some that think that they can get in shape for the summer, during the summer, (same type of people that will go in the gym and do 20 sets of bicep curls in the squat rack) but most people probably understand that being in shape has a lot to do with what you do while you are not in the gym. Your nutrition is very important. Your sleep schedule is also very important. People will want to know how you prep your meals, or what you eat for breakfast, how much sleep you get, do you drink on the weekends. They will also make assumptions that you don’t eat fast food. In addition to that, they will wonder if you are excelling in the fitness realm, what other realms of life are you excelling in, since you have a good work ethic.

These are just a few reasons of how people will treat you differently once you get in shape. Most people fail on diets, and gym routines. It is not a long process, it’s a lifestyle. To maintain this physique forever, it is a commitment. You don’t just go about your day and try to fit in being healthy, you plan your day around fitness. That’s the key idea.


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